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Glimpses of life

This route proposes Lombardy, an important region of Northern Italy, which saw the birth of medieval municipalities and consequently boasts a large array of small villages and castles unknown to most. Starting from its capital, it is possible to reach ancient villages, lakes, mountains, towns, UNESCO World Heritage sites and landscapes surrounded by nature where you can turn and relax.  


The Little Village Network tour starts from the Lombard capital, the world center of fashion and design, with monuments and places that bear witness to centuries of art and culture.



Bergamo with its Upper Town, so perfect that "taking only one stone would be a crime", a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a little-known art jewel despite its wealth, with cobbled streets surrounded by Venetian walls.

Image by Kaspars Upmanis


The little known Lake Iseo or Sebino, part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where Renaissance villages surrounded by green woods and the blue waters of the lake, preserve the entrepreneurial spirit without compromising the delicate balance with the beauty of the landscape.



The hills of Franciacorta, a splendid corner of Lombardy, with its wine history to live, one of the Italian areas with the highest production of classic method wine.


...and so on

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