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San Cristobal was born to reveal a hidden Cuba, enhancing its artistic and cultural heritage.


With Your Little Village, we offer the same experience and the same look at Italy: making known localities not included in the most recognized in the tourism of the bel paese but not for this reason less fascinating and rich in artworks and evocatives panoramas. We will invite you to discover a more intimate Italy, but only in dimensions perhaps for this reason, more authentic and less commemorative.

We have created a unique network with the places and people found and selected by our team during our journey in search of the beauty and authenticity of the Italian heritage.


We must see what we have not seen, see again what we have already seen ...

Josè Saramago

We want to tell you stories of rebirth, love, tradition and the future.

We want to share with you the social commitment that San Cristobàl  has been carrying on for years, allocating part of its turnover to the patrimonial restoration of the lands you will visit. 

We want to show you the hidden charm of our map designed to suit your needs and curiosities.

A safe vacation, coordinated by a team of experts, where Heritage is not only culture, but a value built from people's real lives, from moments lived with joy during memorable trips.


Sparkles of Life

San Cristobal Italia s.r.l

via San Vittore 40 - 20123 Milano

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